What’s happening in Explore at Calderstones?

Explore is our lunchtime group on Thursdays in Calderstones School

Since we started back – about a month ago – we’ve had a big increase in numbers… we’re now getting 15-20 pupils each week!

This term as well as eating together and playing games, we’ve discussed subjects as diverse as: rules, terrorism, Jesus and his birth, the importance of the past, remembering and our faith.

We have some lessons coming up in December as well! Please pray for these

Miss Lancaster – one of the RE teachers – has been a fantastic support to us and the new year seven students are wonderfully enthusiastic!

We hope to help with more lessons soon and perhaps host a retreat day in 2016!

Please pray for us as we serve this school.

Thats all for now, Rich


If you would be interested in helping Liverpool YFC in this school, please get in touch: office@liverpoolyfc.com

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