This page is where you can read about all the exciting things that God is doing in young peoples lives in Liverpool! We hope that you enjoy reading them and that as you read them you will continue to pray for the young people involved. (All names of young people have been changed for their own privacy, and stories paraphrased for context).

We hope that soon we will have some videos of young people telling their own stories, and explaining more about what Liverpool YFC are doing…

Erica’s Story

I go to Archbishop Blanch School, and in February, I saw Stance Street dancers perform in our school assembly. What they said in their talk connected with me, so I went along to the Space youth event on Friday night where they were performing. After that, I went along to church. Through the church I ended up going to New Wine Christian festival where I met Grace from Stance street dance at New Wine!

Holly’s Story

Liverpool YFC and Stance street dance crew came into my RE lesson, the lesson was about moving on and aspirations for the future… I have a history of self harm and the message from the session gave me hope for the future


I go to St Margarets Academy. Liverpool YFC & Scripture Union came in and did a retreat day on the theme Crime & Justice. I live in a rough area of Liverpool, and through friends and family connections I have been offered to become part of a gang… After I met Peter from the team and listened to his story it helped me to make a decision not to be in a gang!


I go to Maricourt Sixth Form. Liverpool YFC came and did a retreat day on spirituality… I have a lot of questions about faith and what the leaders shared on the day was very interesting to me. I am not very confident so I did not want to ask lots of questions in front of the whole class. The afternoon session gave a chance to ask questions when we were in smaller groups, and I was able to ask about whether heaven and hell are real places? And, if God loves us, why does He let bad things happen? The leaders helped answer some of those questions, but also encouraged me that I am on a faith journey, as is everyone else!



(Proving that the seeds we sow, God waters and grows them!)


After going along to the youth event at Mossley Hill Church, I made a re commitment to faith in Jesus. Leaders at the event prayed with me that Jesus would come into my heart and allow me to get closer to him every day.