Exciting times at Enterprise South Liverpool Academy

Liverpool YFC have been involved with at lunchtime group at Enterprise South Liverpool Academy (ESLA) for 2 years now! The group is headed up by Rob McAvoy from Long Lane Church with help from others from the 468 project in Toxteth.

Over the 2 years, we have seen the group of young people start in year 7 and they are now in year 9 – How time flies! There have been some great relationships forming and some meaty topics covered….

As a result of being a consistent presence in the school, we have had the privilege to help with assemblies, lessons, mentoring and more. This is one of the schools GSUS Live trailer visited in January 2014!

…Now we are looking at praying for the school with more intent – there will be a prayer group meeting 2.15 – 3pm on site most Tuesdays, praying for the school; and Andrew Colmer, the fantastic chaplain, is looking at ways that we can have prayer meetings for staff,  and parents, with YFC helping to take the lead in this.

KAOS has continued through all this, including a trip to Edge Lane for bowling in October half term; and we now have excellent relationships with 15-20 pupils who trust us and look forward to meeting with us. Sometimes we chat, other times we offer some form of input; this work is great fun, as well as challenging; God certainly has his hand in it – and  we’re still looking for more ways to bless the school.

Please join us in praying for this group, the team and the school 🙂

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