British Youth for Christ

Taking the Good News relevantly to every young person in Britain

We are just a part of what is happening across the country as one of Youth For Christ’s 70 local centres. The closest YFC centres to Liverpool, are Wirral YFC  and Warrington YFC. However, beyond the UK, Youth For Christ is an international organisation.

British Youth For Christ’s local centres all share the vision of ‘Taking the Good News relevantly to every young person in Britain’.  What this looks like, is different for each centre.

Youth For Christ comprises of both Local and National Ministries that includes a number of different teams, resources and provisions.

Head to the British Youth For Christ site for full details of what we think, is an amazing organisation to be a part of. The site will provide you with the bigger picture of what YFC does across the country. You’ll also be able to look at YFC resources, bookings for teams, The YFC One Gap Year and much more.


Want to know how British Youth For Christ began? Take a read of some of their journey…

The first full-time worker for Youth for Christ was Billy Graham. In autumn 1946 he left America along with Cliff and Billie Barrows to spend six months in Britain on mission. It turned out to be one of the worst winters on record, with incredibly low temperatures and fuel shortages but God worked amazingly through the team at rallies and events across the country.  The response was extraordinary. Thousands of people were won to Christ in those six months of campaigns as Billy and the team preached the gospel and saw lives transformed, families reunited and prayers answered.

As a result of this great move of God, a passion was ignited for reaching Britain’s young people and meeting their tragic spiritual need through new methods of youth evangelism. The success of the campaigns led to local British YFC groups springing up around the country. There is evidence of one in the Wirral starting the year before Billy arrived but it was the mission in 1946 that really created momentum!  Later a national Youth for Christ conference was called in Birmingham which resulted in the formation of British Youth for Christ to reach the young people of Britain with the Good News!

(taken from BYFC)